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Sassy-Squatch – The Story

My brothers and I have always been outdoorsy. We hunt, camp, and go on four-wheeling expeditions together. This past summer there were six brothers and two nephews occupying four vehicles following McGrew’s Trail in southwestern Oregon. Little did we know what a white-knuckle road it was. The trail was narrow with a sheer drop-off to the right. At times the trail slanted to the right as well and I’ve never been so worried about just sliding off to our death. To distract ourselves, we started talking about Sasquatch. In all the time we’ve spent out in the wilderness, we’ve never seen any evidence of Bigfoot. However, people report sightings all of the time. I happen to be an avid fan of Finding Bigfoot. I admire the fact that those guys have figured out how to make a living out of Sasquatch. With relief we found ourselves at the bottom of the trail and the subject dropped.   The next day as we followed the trail out again it was even more harrowing than the day before. We retur